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Case Studies

Cost Control and Forecast Accuracy in Heavy Industry

An organisation in the heavy industry sector struggled with cost control and forecasting accuracy, with month-end cash positions deviating by up to 15% from forecasts.

Diversification strategy – Telecommunications Infrastructure Business

A large Telecommunications Infrastructure business in Australia had experienced significant growth as a result of a major government-funded infrastructure program.

Leadership development program in large workforce

A large organization with a workforce of over 3000 employees and more than 200 leaders faced challenges in leadership effectiveness, impacting field time, coaching quality, role clarity, plant stability, and production outcomes.

Operational Excellence in Mining Operations

A mining operation was not meeting its operational targets, leading to lost production and reduced revenue.

Operational Turnaround – Fibre Optic Infrastructure Delivery Business

A large operational business unit of ~1,000 FTE delivering fibre optic infrastructure nationally experience a significant drop in performance.

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