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Diversification strategy – Telecommunications Infrastructure Business


A large Telecommunications Infrastructure business in Australia had experienced significant growth as a result of a major government-funded infrastructure program. This created a medium term revenue and diversification risk. At the same time a number of sub-scale service lines in had lost focus and offered significant growth potential.


  • Adjacent Markets Growth strategy developed to target growth in the road, rail, mining and defence sectors.
  • Business-wide organisational restructure carried out to raise focus on these sectors. Operations, solution architects and sales executives brought together under one structure with additional sales executives recruited to drive the growth agenda.
  • Pipeline refocussed and reprioritised
  • Team operating cadence realigned at all levels, the “work of the role” clarified and a balance of team and individual KPIs put in place to drive both performance and collaboration.
  • Constructive team culture developed through co-developing team vision and desired values and behaviours encouraged


  • doubled secured revenue in 12 months
  • increased operating margin by 33%
  • leadership team measures and behaviours aligned around shared strategy and objectives

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