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Leadership development program in large workforce


A large organisation with a workforce of over 3000 employees and more than 200 leaders faced challenges in leadership effectiveness, impacting field time, coaching quality, role clarity, plant stability, and production outcomes. There was a critical need to enhance leadership behaviours and capabilities at the manager, superintendent, and supervisor levels to support strategic objectives and operational excellence.


Designed and implemented a comprehensive Leadership Development Program tailored for managers, superintendents, and supervisors. The program aimed at fostering a significant step change in leadership behaviours and enhancing leadership capabilities across all levels. Key components included intensive workshops, practical training sessions, and one-on-one coaching, all designed to improve leadership presence in the field, effective coaching techniques, clarity in work roles, and decision-making processes. The program leveraged Syndeom’s extensive experience in leadership development and operational excellence, utilizing evidence-based practices and real-world scenarios to ensure relevance and impact.


The Leadership Development Program led to remarkable improvements across the organisation. Leaders exhibited enhanced behaviours and capabilities, contributing to increased effective field time and coaching quality. There was a notable improvement in the clarity of work roles and responsibilities, leading to better team alignment and operational efficiency. Plant stability saw significant enhancements, directly impacting production outcomes positively. Overall, the program supported a transformative change in leadership practices, directly contributing to the organisation’s strategic goals and operational excellence, ultimately benefiting the large workforce and reinforcing a culture of continuous improvement and leadership effectiveness.

This case study exemplifies Syndeom’s ability to deliver impactful leadership development programs that drive substantial improvements in organisational leadership, operational performance, and employee engagement, tailored to the unique needs of large and complex organisations.

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