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Operational Turnaround – Fibre Optic Infrastructure Delivery Business


A large operational business unit of ~1,000 FTE delivering fibre optic infrastructure nationally experience a significant drop in performance. On time delivery had slipped from 90% plus to below 70% and lead times for order delivery increased between 50% and 100%. This resulted in a significant drop in customer satisfaction, lost revenue and operational inefficiencies. There was limited performance visibility, end-to-end process management and inconsistent process adherence. This led to poor performance, process variability and limited resource sharing across regions.


Established a “war room” to address performance issues and lead a holistic business transformation across customer engagement, process optimisation, performance visibility, operating cadence, organisational redesign and a shift in business unit culture.

  • Customer communication: Immediate intervention to proactively communicate with customers on performance issues and commitment to a rectification plan.
  • Performance visibility: Established three specific metrics and time bound goals for the business communicated weekly and via regular townhalls.
  • Process optimisation: End to end process mapping to identify all workgroups involved, process pain points and gaps in resourcing, authority and accountability
  • Operating cadence and collaboration culture: Established meeting cadence across internal workforce and partners focussing on driving performance visibility and actions to improve at the overall and team level. A key focus of these session was to encourage and enable collaboration across teams working upstream and downstream of the process.
  • Organisational redesign: Moved from a state based structure to a hybrid state and national structure focussing on driving process consistency, outsourcing of high volume repeatable tasks, load sharing at a national level. Establishing program team to develop and embed the program including an IT transformation program


  • Provision time: Time to deliver orders from order intake to service commissioning decreased to muli-decade lows (by ~60%) leading to improved customer satisfaction
  • Reliability: On time delivery increased to >95% lead to significantly improved customer satisfaction
  • Team culture: Improved significantly through improved cross business collaboration, performance accountability and authorities aligned to the level of work. Program represented a “Career high” for many leaders within the organisation.

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